Skip Hire for Swansea

Will you recycle the entire contents of your skips?

A skip is a large metal bin where you can put mostly anything that is rubbish from home or business waste. It has several sizes and can be left outside a home for a few days based on the length of time it is rented. They are handy and durable but often people ask “will you recycle the entire contents of your skips?”. Now, a person renting it can put anything such as wood, plastic, and old clothes in them which are fine to recycle. But unfortunately, not all contents can be recycled. Our skips Swansea team are usually suited for your home or business waste. It is very important to hire the right skip company to find a suitable guide and price. But who will also dispose of the contents in the most environmentally friendly way.

Why we try to recycle the entire contents of your skips

Skip recycling is important to avoid several wastes that would lead to landfill sites. Because when you have a business, it is a significant factor that you care for the environment. And recycling skip waste will provide a positive impact on your business, influencing favourable footprints to every worker involved in your business.

Two types of skip hire


Many people choose an affordable domestic skip hire that can help them with their home cleaning projects. Skip Hire for Swansea is a cost-efficient way to remove waste from your domestic space and ensure that all the materials are properly disposed of.


A large skip is usually used on construction sites for extensive industrial waste cleaning. Our skips Swansea differ in price. If you want a cheap rental, there is a guide to assist you in selecting our company that provides reasonable prices.

Image of a person recycling to go with this page on will we recycle the entire contents of your skips

Recycling the skips contents

  • The first step when your skip is collected is to transport them to the most accessible sorting facility. Then every content is processed with proper sorting. From selecting bulky material and recyclables, it all gets sorted and correctly disposed of.
  • After the waste materials are sorted from the skips, proper waste treatment is provided such as screening and compacting. Then once materials are treated appropriately, they are taken to recycling facilities in the nearest area for prolonged processing.
  • Hard objects are crushed and used in construction projects. Whilst disposable metals are processed to benefit global trading needs.
  • When disposable materials are processed, it contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. This minimises the greenhouse effect and global warming and provides benefits in requiring new raw materials.


Skip Hire for Swansea provides an effective solution for any project. And all the items are disposed of safely and properly. Because by recycling, you can prevent a big amount of waste which significantly benefits the environment. It takes only a minute to collect all the details you need to have an offer that is reasonable and affordable. And we deliver the results you need in a flash. We help people and business organisations quickly acquire the skips they need.