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Which skip size to choose?

Which skip size to choose?

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You must select the appropriate skip size for your project. The size of the skips depends on your waste management needs. In a two-yard skip, the amount of waste is equivalent to a particular number of trash can bags. Different landscaping projects require different skip sizes. It is vital to determine what type and how big of a skip you should get. Our professional Swansea skip hire firm provides a simple skip hire guide to help you choose which skip size to hire. And it includes metric and imperial measurements of skips to indicate their actual size and details on their black bag capacities.

How are skips measured?

Most skips are sized by how much space they have inside, measured in cubic yards or yards. A cubic yard is about the size of two large appliances or ten trash bags. It is 3ft high, 3ft wide, and 3ft deep. Our skips range from 4 to 8 cubic yards, usually enough for everything from small home renovations to shopping refits. Our local experts can help you with four of the most common sizes of skips. The mini, midi, and maxi skips are listed here. Our skips can hold up to 2 tonnes of weight, making them excellent tools to have when you need to get rid of the trash.

Different skip choices

4 Yard skips

The 4-yard skips are helpful when there is only a tiny amount of trash, such as during an autumn garden clean-up. Typically, they may fit on your property, so you do not need a skip permit from the municipality. Multiple residential and business applications. Also familiar as a supplementary skip size for the removal of plasterboard. That is if that is all that’s going in there because it can’t be mixed with anything else.

6 Yard skips

The 6-yard skip is one of the most regularly rented skip sizes because it has a capacity of up to 60 full black bin bags. In addition to being suitable for modest to medium-sized residential projects such as kitchen, bathroom, and garden renovations. They can also accommodate actual garbage created on building and construction sites.

8 Yard skips

8-yard skips, often known as builder’s skips, are the most popular size skip. This size skip is appropriate for various commercial, industrial, and residential projects and is ideal for storing bulky and heavy garbage such as dirt, concrete, and debris. Each 8-yard dumpster can contain around 80 trash bags. If you’re conducting a business renovation or a major domestic cleanout with a great deal of heavy garbage, this is the skip.

How much does each one cost?

Several factors determine the cost of hiring a skip. And they should be considered when deciding on which skip size to choose. For example the size of the skip you want to hire. This is because a larger skip will cost more than a smaller skip. Also, the length of time you want the skip will affect the final cost.


Our skip hire in Swansea team wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get rid of your waste. So no matter what size skip you need, our local skip hire service is available in many places around Swansea. We work hard to ensure you get the skip you need when you need it and at a price, you can afford.

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