Skip Hire for Swansea

What is skip hire?

Skips are used if you have a large amount of rubbish. They are a simple way to dispose of your trash and save you many visits to the landfill. However, it can seem like a complex undertaking if you’ve never hired one before. You want to ensure you receive the proper item at the appropriate price. But that might be difficult if you don’t have much experience. Check out our skip hire guide to guarantee you receive exactly what you need.

So what is skip hire?

A skip is a container with an open top that is used to transport significant amounts of rubbish. They are designed to be transported on the back of a specialised truck. Our skips are engineered, recycled, and reconditioned in-house to minimise our environmental effects.

Why would you need to hire a skip?

There are numerous reasons to rent a skip. For instance, when you’re renovating a large portion of your home. Because you could utilise a skip to dispose of old furniture, carpets, and building materials. Skips are also ideal if you’re performing a lot of garden work, as they make the rubbish disposal simple. A skip can significantly simplify the procedure if you’re moving house and conducting a clearout. It will undoubtedly save you numerous visits to the tip. And you will no longer have to worry about disposing of your trash. Allow us to take care of that!

Are they just for domestic use?

Skips in Swansea are also widely employed in business endeavours, including building. They enable you to clean up as you go, keeping your site clean without wasting time on unnecessary garbage excursions. Skips save you time and money while guaranteeing that your waste is correctly disposed of. After using a skip container to dispose of your rubbish, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Can you put them anywhere?

Photo of a narrow alley that a skip hire company would not be able to go down

While there are limits to skip hire as they may not be the best option for certain waste disposal requirements. The primary skip restrictions pertain to the locations in which a skip may be utilised for rubbish that may be thrown inside. Because skips are supplied via truck, they can only be delivered to sites that are accessible to large and heavy vehicles. Throughout Swansea, there are several residential and commercial locations with narrow streets, tunnels with low ceilings, and bridges that cannot hold the weight of a truck. And since skips are loaded within a few meters of the truck’s parked position, even within a property, the sites where a skip can be discharged are limited by the loading truck’s access. As a result, skips are typically put outside a property’s front lawn, drive, or road. And this might not be the most convenient position for the debris.

What can go in them?

Numerous forms of rubbish cannot be dumped into a skip. Therefore, it is critical to investigate the goods you wish to discard before obtaining a skip. Various services are available to dispose of and recycle goods that are not permitted in skips, such as electricals, tyres, and hazardous garbage. Local government websites frequently have information on how and where to dispose of these goods properly.


Need a skip hire? We’ve got your back. Contact our highly qualified skip hire Swansea crew to discuss your project’s needs. We can help with everything! From advising on the size of skip you need to assistance with any skip permits you may require from Swansea Council.