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What can't I put in the skip?

When dealing with a clearance effort, you will want to get rid of as much as possible as quickly as feasible. However, while a skip is a terrific way to dispose of a wide range of rubbish. Some items cannot be disposed of in a skip. To save you time and ensure that your skip hiring goes well from start to finish. We’ve compiled a list of items that cannot be disposed of in a skip. So keep these in mind while you go through your belongings.

Items that can't go in the skip

Hazardous waste

Under environmental regulations, hazardous waste is defined as waste that contains substances or qualities that are dangerous to human health or the environment. Anything classified as hazardous waste is not permitted to be disposed of in a skip designated for general waste.

Medical/chemical waste

Handling medical and chemical waste can be dangerous. Especially if you don’t have the proper safety equipment. So, you’ll need a company specialising in getting rid of this kind of waste.

Electrical waste

WEEE rules govern electrical equipment disposal. And it should not be disposed of in the same manner as regular waste.


Batteries of all sizes require specialised recycling since they must be dismantled and separated into their constituent parts.

A photo of batteries and that's what you can't put in the skip


It is also against the law to dispose of asbestos in a skip. Any person who comes into contact with its fibres may become unwell due to the toxins it contains. If you suspect that you have asbestos, you should contact your local council to have it removed by trained personnel. An asbestos removal company must be called in to handle asbestos removal. You should always start with your local council. Because they will know of companies in your region that offer collection services if the council does not provide their own.

Gas cylinders

Regardless of whether they are full or empty, you are not permitted to place them in a skip. Because they have the potential to be hazardous! It is critical to dispose of them at a facility that collects and recycles gas cylinders.


Although plasterboard itself is not classed as hazardous waste, it is banned from getting dumped in general waste landfill sites in the UK. This is because it contains gypsum which reacts with general waste and creates a toxic hydrogen ide gas according to Hippo Waste. So lasterboards can only be disposed of in a skip if they are the sole material included within it.


It is prohibited to dispose of a tyre recklessly. As they must be transported to a recycling facility that is specifically designed to handle them.

Extra charges

It’s important to remember that skip companies are charged if they dispose of anything in a landfill. This gives them a solid incentive to recycle as much as possible. This is why they impose some restrictions because they only want to collect waste that they are legally obligated to dispose of responsibly.


A skip is perhaps one of the simplest ways to dispose of rubbish because it only needs to be collected once. If you live in South Wales, then our professional skips Swansea staff would be delighted to assist you with our skip hire service. If you have any questions about your skip, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We can dispose of hazardous garbage in particular cases, depending on the type of substance and the quantity involved.