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What can and can’t you put in a skip hire for garden waste?

What can and can’t you put in a skip hire for garden waste?

Images showing the different garden waste you can and can't put in a skip hire

It’s now April and although the weather is still dismal here in Swansea, it is the time to start sprucing up your garden. So are you undertaking landscaping projects, or simply clearing out greenery? Then a skip hire for garden waste can be an efficient solution for disposing of what you’re getting rid of. However, knowing what you can and can’t put in a skip is crucial to ensure safe and environmentally friendly waste disposal. In this blog post, we’ll explore the do’s and don’ts of skip hire, to help guide you through your garden cleanup with ease.

What garden waste is ok and isn't ok to throw in a skip

What you can put in a skip hire for garden waste

Grass and hedge trimmings

From mowing your lawn to pruning bushes, grass and hedge trimmings are common garden waste items. These can be safely disposed of in a skip and you can usually fit a lot in there because they compact down. But ideally, make sure they’re free from any contaminants like plastic bags or other non-biodegradable materials.

Tree branches and twigs

If you’ve trimmed trees or shrubs in your garden, the branches and twigs can also go into the skip. However, we advise you to cut them into manageable sizes to maximise space and facilitate safe handling. You don’t have to make them all really short and spend ages with snips. Anything between one to three feet will be fine and actually help you be more efficient with your clearout.

Leaves and plant debris

Fallen leaves, dead plants, and general plant debris generated during garden maintenance tasks can be added to the skip. As a top tip though, you should bag them up before placing them directly into the skip. This is because it helps prevent them from blowing back all over your garden and all over the road during transportation.

Soil and turf

If you’re undertaking landscaping projects and need to dispose of soil or turf, a skip can accommodate these materials. Now this material can be rather heavy depending on how much you’re digging up. So be mindful of the weight limit specified by our skip hire company in Swansea and avoid overfilling the skip with heavy soil.

What you can't put in a skip hire for garden waste

Large tree stumps

While small tree branches and twigs are acceptable, large tree stumps are not suitable for our Swansea skips. These bulky items require specialised disposal methods. For this, we would say to call a local tree surgeon as they have stump grinders and are properly kitted out to handle large tree stumps.

Chemical containers and pesticides

Hazardous substances like chemical containers, pesticides, and herbicides should never be disposed of in a skip. These materials can contaminate the environment and pose risks to human health if not handled properly. But it’s best to contact Swansea Council’s waste management department for guidance on safe disposal options.

Plastic plant pots and garden tools

Although they may seem like garden-related items, plastic plant pots and old garden tools should not be thrown into a designated skip hire for garden waste. We say this because the items can usually be reused or re-housed. So consider recycling options for plastic pots or donating usable garden tools to minimise waste. Every little helps to keep our City environmentally friendly.

Large quantities of soil or rubble

While small amounts of soil and rubble are acceptable, skip hire is not suitable for large quantities of these materials. Excessive amounts of soil or rubble can exceed weight limits and incur additional charges. Even our biggest skips would struggle if there were loads. Therefore, consider alternative disposal methods such as hiring a grab lorry for bulkier waste.


Navigating the dos and don’ts of skip hire for garden waste can make your garden cleanup efforts smoother and more efficient. So it’s good to know what materials are suitable for disposal in a skip and which ones require alternative methods. Then you can ensure responsible waste management while maintaining a nice back or front garden. Remember to check with your skip hire company for specific guidelines and regulations in your area. And always prioritise sustainability in your waste disposal efforts. Happy gardening!

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