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Things you need to think about before hiring a skip in Swansea.

Things you need to think about before hiring a skip in Swansea

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If you have considered hiring a skip, before doing so, there are five things you ought to do or consider. Consider twice the amount you would need before hiring a skip in Swansea. Skips Hire for Swansea will help with the helpful sizing guide in the right direction. If in doubt, the best way to increase your size is to remember how much access room you have. We will provide a larger skip if the access space is big and a smaller skip if there’s not much room.

Things you should consider before hiring a skip in Swansea

Why do you need a skip?

It may sound obvious, but if you order a skip that will only take lightweight materials and you have to throw away a heap of furniture afterwards. Then you might be financially hurt. Think about exactly what your skip needs to do. You’re refurbishing? Will you have several different items to throw away? Will they be heavy? Are you landscaping your garden and only green waste needs to be thrown away? So many things to think about what do you have to get rid of? There are several different options for skips and figuring out what you need to do with them lets you know what skip is right for you.

Budget and is your money worth it?

Based on your location, the price of a skip varies. For instance, hiring a skip in Swansea is generally less expensive than in central London. To select a hiring service, which is both economical and efficient, we think that it is necessary to consider your budget. Here at Skip Hire for Swansea, we have different skip sizes, which are suitable for different budgets.

You need to pick the correct size of skip to ensure your money is worth it. So there isn’t much point in picking a little 6-yard skip to find out you just need to order another one. You should ask a team leader, before choosing a skip, what size they recommend. This way you can guarantee the value of your money.

How long do you need the skip for?

It just depends on how much waste you’ve got. How close can you get it to your house or property? And how many people can help fill the skip? Be sure you know how long you will like your skip hire service if you do not want to lose your skip too fast. On the other hand, remember that more days will usually cost more cash. So it may be cheaper to load the waste for less time. Also, it is necessary to remove your skip before any date from your house if it is on public land and you need a permit. Make sure the company you hire a skip from when they remove it has a clear commitment.

Do you need a permit for hiring a skip?

Many people don’t realise that it is usually inappropriate to hire a skip unless you are prepared to keep one on your private property. That is because you have a skip on the road and having a license makes us more confident that pollution is not a threat to drivers. Thankfully, you may procure a permit from Swansea City Council. But it can take up to two weeks for you to get there. This is why you must make that part of the project plan because you cannot hire the skip until you have your permit. It’s important to have a safe, convenient, and cost-effective way to dispose of waste. This is whether you’re renewing a bathroom or clearing 20 years of waste from a shed.

You will need a skip permit when you plan on placing the skip on a public road. A skip permit must be in order until the skip is shipped. If not, you may be punished. Swansea Council will issue skip permits. You or the company that provides the skip apply for the skip permits, depending on the Council. It takes at least a couple of days to plan a skip permit, so allow this to be included in your calendar. If you arrange to hire a skip, confirm whether you are organising the permit or they are arranging it.

After all, going to the dump in a car is hard to carry old baths and bikes. Luckily, the skip hire Swansea team is coming in here! We want to keep these projects as stress-free as possible by dropping off the contents of the skip and recycling them. So that waste can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.

Some precautions for hiring a skip

Safety is essential for the successful completion of all skip hire activities. And we are no newcomer to working with our customers safely and efficiently. The most important thing is the type of waste that you want to dispose of. After all, several items are not suitable for a skip. And the last thing you want to do is fill a large skip full of forbidden items which would prevent the hiring company from collecting! Fortunately, the skips Swansea crew can advise you on all this.

Bulky objects on the bottom of the skip should be uniformly spaced. Then you can put the lighter objects on top. This guarantees your skip is as stable as possible. Which then will not jeopardise your safety or our drivers by moving and handling. If you have old furniture for disposal, split it into pieces to maximise space.

There’s never a skip overload. The average weight is about 1 ton for any cubic yard. Therefore, the weight can be loaded to around 6 tons, if you hire a larger skip. A skipper’s ability is dependent on the degree of load on the sides. It is unstable and unsafe that you pack waste over this level and it’s illegal for us to take it on the road.


As you can see, there are a few things to think about before hiring a skip in Swansea. But if you are still unsure then give us a call at 01792 720706 and we can easily guide you through each point.

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