Skip Hire for Swansea

Skip Hire In Swansea Services

Photo of a yellow skip filled with rubble which our skip hire Swansea company can now collect

Multiple uses

Skip bins have many uses. They can be used for garden waste clearance for collecting dead leaves and twigs, grass cuttings, fence palings, little branches and more. They can also be used for properly disposing of discarded white goods like old electronic apparatus effortlessly. And some people also use skip hire in Swansea for spring cleaning when they need to get rid of trash and other unwanted items.


Another time when people hire skip bins is during house renovations, cleaning the garage and clearing debris away from construction sites. Finally, people also use the skips during office clearing for removing old hardware, office papers and other waste items. Then when full, the bins can be tipped at landfill sites or taken to waste management transfer stations.

A variety of sizes

Skip bins come in an array of sizes. And one common type of bin is the 2-yard mini skip that holds 25 to 35 black bin bags. Then there’s the 4-yard midi skip which has enough capacity to hold about 45 to 55 black bin bags. And also a 6-yard builder’s skip in which you can load 60 to 70 black bin bags. For bigger jobs, there is the 8-yard large skip which can hold 80 to 90 black bin bags. We have skip bins in sizes to meet every need. And they make getting rid of rubbish fast, easy and convenient. If you are not sure what size skip bin you need, tell us the project you are tackling and we will recommend the appropriate size skip bin for you.

Three common skip bin types

There are three commonly used types of skip bins that people can hire from us. This all depends on the type and amount of rubbish they have to clear out. There is the commercial skip that’s used for hauling rubbish away from businesses. The second commonly requested type is the small skip hire Swansea which would be classed as the domestic skip. And this is often requested by people who plan on getting rid of rubbish gathered while cleaning out their homes and gardens. Finally, the third popular type of skip bin is the builder’s skip. So, companies involved in construction projects often hire these to get rid of waste wood, metal, cement, large rocks and other construction waste.

The right skips, right away!

Whether you need a big skip or a mini one, we can help you get the right one in a flash. Call us right away to find out our skip hire Swansea prices.