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Photo of a large 12-yard skip in Swansea

Clearing out a home, business or construction site can be a great task! However here at Skip Hire for Swansea, we can make this job considerably easier. Our variety of skips and sizes will more than be able to cover your commercial, residential or construction needs. Our team will come to collect it once it is full and dispose of whatever waste you have thrown in it correctly. We can remove this straight away or if it’s taking a little longer to fill then we’re happy to wait a few days as we understand how sometimes these jobs can drag on.


Large skip hire

When you have a big residential or business clean-up or renovation project that you know will generate a huge amount of waste. And it needs to be hauled away and properly disposed of, a large skip bin is your best choice. These skip bins are designed to hold a massive amount of rubbish and recyclables. Many people hire a large skip bin from us when they are preparing to do a major renovation project in their home or business. These 8-yard skips can hold as much as 8 tons of rubbish. This size skip is also a good choice for refurbishment projects and clearing years of clutter from the attic and garage.

A large skip is predominantly used for holding waste and debris produced from work such as building, demolition and landscaping etc. If you have a big house renovation project then a large skip might be better suited for your needs. This is because you will be able to fill it with more rubbish and won’t run the risk of possibly having to order two midi skips. Because this would increase your overall skip hire Swansea cost. If you have a spacious driveway or garden then the skip might be able to fit there. If not we will have to gain a permit from the local council to have it placed on the road. Either way, we can take care of this for you, so you have less hassle.

Multiple bin bags that you would need a large skip for

Why you should hire a large skip

Using a huge skip for major projects’ garbage removal might be a wise decision. Big skips are perfect for building sites or bigger restoration projects since they are designed to carry a lot of rubbish. However, for really large projects we do offer commercial skip hire also. Here are several justifications for choosing to hire a big skip.

Saves time and money

In the long term, renting a big skip may save you time and money. You may get rid of all your rubbish in one go. This is opposed to making many visits to the dump. This is a more effective approach to dispose of the rubbish since it saves you time and money on fuel. However, bigger skips often cost less per cubic yard of rubbish than smaller ones, making them more economical overall.

Really convenient

Large skips are highly practical for disposing of rubbish. More rubbish may be disposed of at once with a bigger capacity, saving you from making several journeys to the landfill. After it is filled, the skip hiring business will pick up the skip and dispose of the rubbish for you. They will transport the skip to your location. This allows you to concentrate on your activity without having to worry about how to dispose of garbage.

Very versatile

Bigger skips are adaptable and useful for a range of garbage disposal requirements. They may carry a variety of products, such as domestic goods, green trash, and construction debris. This makes them a sensible option for a variety of jobs. This includes landscaping, commercial building, and home improvements.

Adhere to regulations

A big skip may be rented to assist in guaranteeing that garbage disposal laws are followed. Companies that rent skips must dispose of garbage in compliance with local laws. You can be sure that your garbage is being disposed of legally and properly by using a competent skip rental provider. By doing this, you may be able to prevent any penalties that might result from incorrect garbage disposal.

Eco friendly

It might also be ecologically beneficial to hire a big skip. Companies that rent skips must dispose of rubbish properly and in accordance with all laws and regulations. To lessen the quantity of waste that ends up in landfills, they will recycle as much of it as they can. You can be certain that your waste is being disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner with a sizable skip.

Large skip hire and more

Anybody wishing to dispose of rubbish in a cost-efficient, practical, and ecologically responsible manner would be wise to hire a large skip. It’s simple to see why larger skips are a preferred option for bigger projects. This is given the advantages of versatility and complying with regulations. When you rent a big skip, you can concentrate on your job and leave the disposal of your rubbish to the professionals.​

If you require large skip hire in Swansea then give us a call. We can make getting rid of household, garden, commercial or construction waste a breeze. Our affordable prices in a wide range of skips mean that we will have just what you are looking for. And we’ll be ready whenever it suits you to haul it away once it’s been used.

Whether you need a Large skip or a mini one. We can help you get the right one in a flash. Call us right away.​