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How to avoid overfilling your Swansea skip rental.

An overfilled waste container which our Swansea skip rental team would not accept

When you’re cleaning out or moving, a Swansea skip rental is a convenient way to get rid of your trash. For projects of all sizes, they’re a good fit. However, you must pick a skip that’s the right size for your job. It’s possible to overfill the container if you choose one that’s too small, which could put the public at risk and cost you money. In this blog post, we explain how and why to avoid overfilling your skip hire in Swansea.

Overloading a skip isn't a bad idea, right? Wrong!

To anyone walking by or to the skip hire staff, an overloaded skip can be a hazard. It is easy for items piled high to fall and cause injury or property damage to those who are nearby.


Health and safety come first at our company. Therefore our skip policy prohibits overfilling them. It’s for your safety as well as the safety of those around you, so please abide by the rules.

When it comes to a skip, how high can it be filled?

The maximum fill line on each skip tells you how high you can stuff it. On the inside of the skip, there is a thick red line that is present in all sizes.

What will happen if my skip is too full?

If you overfill your skip, you risk receiving a citation. This fine is intended to serve as a deterrent to those who would put the safety of the public at risk by overfilling skips.


To avoid being charged with littering, it is a good idea not to overfill your dumpster.


If you have hired a skip and it is full but you still have a lot of trash, the best thing to do is to hire another one. No matter how small your skip needs to be, you’ll pay more than the original skip hire Swansea price if you had ordered the correct size. You must select the proper skip for your needs to avoid this issue.

How do you know what skip size to get?

There are a variety of skip sizes available from reputable Swansea skip rental companies like Skip Hire for Swansea. A 4-yard midi skip may be all that is needed for a small flat to clear out, while a 12-yard enclosed skip may be needed for a large commercial project.


Depending on your requirements, we offer skips ranging in size from 4 yards to 12 yards. Check out our skip size page to learn more about our skips in Swansea and which one is best for you.


You can also get help from our team. Just give us a call if you need help finding the right skip for your project.


Within Swansea and surrounding areas, we are a leading waste management company. We offer a wide range of waste management services to both residential and commercial customers in the area, including skip hire and fly-tipping clearance. Get in touch with us right away to learn more about how we can assist you.

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