Skip Hire for Swansea

How much are skips to hire?

When doing substantial house clearing or building work, you’re bound to generate a lot of rubbish. You may believe that taking a few trash bags to the dump is a straightforward answer. But this is not always an option for larger projects. There is a lot of waste when you do renovation work. You have to load your car with waste many times and drive to the dump, which is tiring and time-consuming. In these situations, the best thing to do is to hire our skip hire Swansea crew. But that might leave you thinking about how much are skips to hire. We will cover that below.

Price ranges for skip hire

Skip rental prices can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand pounds. This depends on your size, the length of time you will require it, and the type of waste you intend to place in the skip. If you aren’t careful, this can cause your budget to exceed its limit. In this post, we’ll go over how much it costs to hire a skip. And the factors that influence the price of hiring a skip.

Small skip hire

The mini skip is the smallest skip available, with a capacity of between 40 and 45 standard household black bin bags. Its dimensions are 1.29 metres long by 1.29 metres wide with a height of around one metre on average. An average week’s rental will be between £100 and £200. This price is likely to be on the higher end if you reside in Swansea, as it is with most things in the city.

Large skip hire

The eight-yard skip is one of the most regularly used skips and has a capacity of between 80 and 90 garbage bags. This still depends on the size. It measures 3.66 metres in length by 1.68 metres in width, with a height of 1.22 metres. To rent this style of a skip, you should expect to pay between £250 and £450, with an average cost of roughly £375.

Commercial skip hire

Approximately 125 to 135 average-sized garbage bags can be accommodated in bog commercial skips, which have a 12-yard capacity. It is 3.7 metres in length, 1.78 metres in width, and 1.68 metres in height. Expect pricing for this type of skip to differ from one location to another. The average cost of a skip rental is £450+.

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Other considerations

Where is the skip going?

Apart from the skip size, there are a few other considerations to make when booking a skip. This is if you want to keep your costs as low as possible. If your skip cannot be placed on your driveway, it will have to be placed on the roadside. Permits are required for this, and the fee varies according to your location.

What type of waste is it?

Additionally, the type of waste you’re seeking to get rid of is a crucial effect on the price of your skip rental. And even though the vast majority of waste can be disposed of, a few prohibited substances should be noted. Because if the skip hire business discovers any of these items in your skip, you may be charged an additional fee at the skip hire firm’s discretion. It’s important to know exactly what may and cannot be put in a firm’s skip before renting one. This is because each company has its own guidelines.


We hope that this page has given you rough guidelines on how much are skips to hire. Equally, if you still have more queries then search for skip hire prices near me and we should be right at the top so you can call us directly. So we hope that you can see that Skip Hire for Swansea is one of the most respected skip-hire companies. We are open and honest about our responsibilities and commitments. This is why we advise you to call us to get a price as a few factors contribute to the end price such as location, permits, size and waste. We have all of the most outstanding skip-hiring specialists ready to quote your task. So, get your free, no-obligation quotes in your area today.