Skip Hire for Swansea

How long can I keep the skip for?

​When it comes to all the services that require a skip. It is usually a bigger project and so would take a longer time to get it completed. Of course, our skips Swansea team make sure that when we get started on the project. That we can deliver on our word and policies that we finish the job in the agreed-upon time. And make sure that nothing else would be causing any delays to your desired project. We try to do this on our end and all we ask is you try to do it on yours also. But we will give some rough guidelines for your concerns about how long can I keep the skip for. 


When we have our team come to your home or site, we have already advised them of the time frame. This also includes the time frame in which you would be utilising our skips. There is not much to consider in how long you would be able to use one of our skips. But one exception we do follow is that if the skip would be put on the road. In this case, it would need a permit. But don’t worry about that because our team would also inform you beforehand of what would be required in acquiring those kinds of permits.

A photo of a calendar as you would need to mark how long you can keep the skip for

So how long can I keep the skip for?

Normally what we offer our customers is the option of having the skip around for approximately one to two weeks. This would also give our team and customers enough time to take out and remove all unnecessary objects and materials used throughout the project. In any other cases, you would need one of our skips for a longer time, a permit also has to be secured again. And the period to be discussed would also be up to what the council’s requirements for said time will come into play. If you want to save money then the easiest thing to do is search for cheap skip hire near me. Then you should find us near the top as we are one of the cheapest in Swansea and we can advise you on the price.


We like to make sure that no little detail is left unturned or unknown when it comes to skip hire in Swansea. So we make sure that you get to know everything about what goes on in the process of your projects. Especially with matters of time! We value our customers a lot, and we would like to say that we value your time as well.​