Skip Hire for Swansea

How full can I fill the skip?

When working on such home or commercial jobs, skip hire is often a necessity. As we already know, our skip hire Swansea company knows how to handle any sized skip you require. We also make sure that when we inform them well about what can be placed in the skips and what can’t. But a common question we get asked when talking about our services is how full can I fill the skip.

The "fill line"

Well, we have come up with a simple answer and solution to those queries that involve how much is allowed in one of our skips. While we allow the use of our skips on all projects that any company or home would need. All skips are designed with some sort of “fill line”. This line acts as a sign for our customers and team to know where filling up the skip should be. This also is to make sure that none of the skips may be overfilled. As our trucks may not be able to handle the excess weight.

A photo of blueberries overflowing in a bowl relates to this page about how full you can fill the skip

Why it is unsafe to overfill

One way to also easily find out if a skip may be overfilled is to see if any of the objects placed in the skips are spilling out over the top or sides of the skip itself. That also is an indicator of a skip would be overfilled or overloaded as well. So although lots of our vehicles hand safety nets, they won’t go over an uneven surface. It is dangerous too because it will offset the balance when picking it up to load it on the lorry.


With us here in our company, we make sure that everything is known to our customers. Whether it be about any queries or information regarding your home or site projects. We also inform our customers about all the do’s and don’ts that we have with our skip hire services. We make sure that when we come over and help you with our services, it’s not just there to help finish the job. But also to help ease up the entire process along the way.