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Four alternatives instead of using a skip hire company in Swansea.

Four alternatives instead of using a skip hire company in Swansea

A photo of a hippo as a Hippo bag is one of the alternatives to using a skip hire company in Swansea

There are several options to take into consideration, including the conventional skip hiring, when it comes to the correct disposal of your rubbish. Our skip hire company in Swansea will provide you with four choices in this blog post that you could find useful.

4 Other useful options instead of skip hire

1. The Hippo bag

This is the first option we endorse. Unlike a skip, this bag is portable, won’t harm your driveway, and has a huge capacity of 1.5 tonnes. Also, it is flat-packed so you may use it whenever is convenient for you. When it’s full, just give them a call, and they’ll send a grab truck to pick it up from you. It is sufficient to leave it a certain distance from the roadside kerb during pickup and you do not even need to be there. Hippo bags come in a variety of sizes, the largest of which is large enough to carry a complete bathroom, making them ideal for DIY projects. This bag costs roughly £192. This makes it a more affordable alternative to a traditional skip which costs roughly £281.

2. A man and a van

The second option is to work with a man and a van, often known as a house clearance company. These are often modest enterprises that acquire any valuable materials, such as metals, and then dispose of the other stuff in a garbage disposal yard. There are probably a lot of these businesses in your neighbourhood. To guarantee that the garbage will be disposed of lawfully, it is crucial to confirm that the company you choose is registered with the Environment Agency.

3. Hire a tipper vehicle

The third option is to rent a tipper vehicle and get rid of the trash in a business yard. It can be used on major jobs. These include clearing the property of a home, demolishing an old shed, renovating a patio, and redesigning a garden. So for anything that produces a lot of rubbish. Sometimes using a skip hire company in Swansea can be more expensive than renting a tipper van for the day. The best way to find out is to search for skip hire quotes near me. But with a tipper, you have to drive all the trash to a commercial recycling facility on your own over many trips.

4. Local recycling centre (the dump)

Take your waste to the recycling facility run by your local council as a fourth option. A few years ago, you could bring almost any kind of rubbish to the recycling and disposal facility run by your local government. Sadly, this system was misused by contractors and homeowners who dumped building materials that should have been hauled to a commercial yard. As a consequence, the majority of councils now have strict rules about what you may and cannot bring there. The majority of garden waste and small-scale construction waste from home renovation projects are still accepted by certain authorities.


There are several garbage disposal options outside hiring a skip in Swansea that you might think about. All the options of using a Hippo Bag, hiring a man and a van, renting a tipper van, and bringing your trash to the recycling facility run by your local council are workable. You could discover a solution that is more practical, affordable and beneficial for you by looking into these options.

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