Skip Hire for Swansea

Do you have all the required permits and licences?

So you have decided that you need a skip and you know the company you want to use. You checked over the company and saw they have the skip size you need and can deliver on the date you require. But now you need to ask them if they have all the required permits and licences.

This is because you must obtain a skip permit from the local council before putting a skip on any public road or pavement. Skip licenses are in place to limit the number of skips that can be placed on the road. This is because they take up valuable room and have the potential to disrupt traffic flow and parking spaces. If you don’t have a skip permit, it’s against the law! And you risk a fine and the skip being removed at any moment. You do not need a permit if you place a skip on private property, such as your driveway, a field, or a private road.


If a skip hiring company is caught operating without a license, they might face fines of up to £5,000! The Skip Hire UK Licensing Regulations provide no necessity for skip hire companies to have a waste disposal licence. This is as long as they are personally liable for the rubbish they generate.

Who issues permits?

Skip permits and licenses are issued by local councils. Most of the time, the skip hire Swansea company will be able to apply for the skip permit on behalf of our clients. On the other hand, councils may require the person or business renting a skip to apply for a permit or license in some locations. We recommend that you visit your local council’s website to learn more about your local process and unique criteria. A skip permit usually is valid for one or two weeks, depending on the local authority issuing it. Most councils will enable you to extend this initial term (for an extra price) if you contact them in advance and let them know you need more time. You may be subject to a fine if you maintain a skip for a more extended period than the term allowed by your permission.

Photo of a man who is very angry which is exactly how you would be if you received a £5,000 fine if you didn't have all the required permits and licences

Do you always need a permit?

Although there can be circumstances where you won’t need a permit for a skip. Even if it is put on a roadside as not all roads are categorised as public highways. Unadopted roads are roads that do not have to be sufficiently maintained by the highway authority. This falls under the Highways Act of 1980.

If you place your skip on your driveway or private property, you are not required to obtain a permit. A parking bay suspension license will also be necessary if you plan to place the skip in a council- or third-party-owned parking bay or area. This is comparable to obtaining a permit, except it is more expensive and may take significantly longer. There will also be some limitations on the sizes of skips that can be transported on public highways. This, like many other criteria, can change from one location to the next because local councils determine the rules. Generally speaking, the largest skip that can be transported on a public roadway is an 8-yard skip. This is also known as builders skip. An 8-yard skip is sufficient for most household skip hire projects, so this should not be a problem.


Please contact our skip hire in Swansea staff if you want to learn more. We will gladly address any queries you may have. And this will ensure a smooth and pleasant experience while ordering and using your skip.