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Builders skip that is half full of old concrete

The removal of waste from your home, business or construction site can be a dreaded task. However, if you’re looking for a reliable builders skip hire in Swansea company then we are the team to call. We have a variety of types and sizes of skips to hire and we can sometimes deliver on the same day if you request it.


We will always properly dispose of all the rubbish once it is full. So you can have peace of mind in knowing that you’ve hired a company that takes pride in its work and does things correctly. We make the removal of rubbish easy so feel free to fill in the quote form or just give us a call today.

Builders skip hire

For companies involved in building homes and businesses, hiring builders’ skips are very important. It allows them to quickly, easily and efficiently get rid of construction debris of all types. Whether the waste material is used metal, wood or stone, it can be dumped in a builder’s skip. Then it can be hauled away, tipped or recycled. A builders skip is an easy, environment-friendly and cost-efficient way to get rid of builder’s waste materials. We have years of experience delivering the skips builders need. Leaving them as long as they are required and then hauling them away to properly dispose of the waste. If you need builders skip hire in Swansea, call us today.

Builder’s skips are useful for a sole trader to rent for each job whenever they need to. They are ideal for whatever scale of the operation you’re running. From large volumes of waste doing demolition for example or just the smallest of jobs. Builder’s skips will be more than suitable for a renovation project on a single room or a paved driveway removal for example.

Skips are measured in cubic yards. 6 yards are the standard builder’s skip size. But they can come with different features such as open, closed and drop ends. This is to serve different sites and equipment. The benefit of a drop-end skip is the access that it allows for wheelbarrows.

Photo of two builders skips on a driveway that have been hired in Swansea

Why you should hire a builder's skip

Builders skip hire in Swansea may be a great option for many projects. Some examples could be construction sites, new builds, property development, extensions, and garden landscaping. Here are a few reasons why.

Construction sites

Construction sites produce a lot of waste and debris. And if it isn’t properly disposed of, it may create a dangerous and disorganised working environment. By using a builders skip, waste created on-site can be disposed of effectively and safely. This then creates a cleaner and more orderly working environment for employees. Also, having a skip on-site decreases the amount of time employees must spend leaving the job site to dispose of rubbish. Which then also improves productivity.

New builds

Waste from extra supplies, packaging, and trash is often produced in considerable quantities during new construction. By using a builders skip, you can guarantee that all garbage is disposed of appropriately. This then protects the environment from any harm and maintains a neat and orderly building site. Moreover, having a skip on the job site lowers the chance that someone would be hurt by debris. So it increases the safety of the building process.

Property development

Property development creates a lot of rubbish that has to be disposed of securely and effectively. Much like building sites and new projects do. Hiring a builders skip offers a practical and dependable rubbish disposal alternative, enabling the project’s quick and effective conclusion. Workers can concentrate on finishing the project rather than worrying about rubbish disposal when there is a skip on the job site.


Walls, flooring, and other materials must often be removed to make room for extensions. Then this may produce a significant quantity of waste. Renting a builders skip makes it simple to dispose of these items swiftly and effectively. This minimises home inconvenience and shortens the project’s completion time. Moreover, having a skip on-site lowers the possibility of being hurt by trash and guarantees that the area is tidy and orderly during the expansion process.

Garden landscaping

The landscaping of gardens may produce a lot of debris, including dirt, plants, and outdated garden buildings. By using a builders skip, it is simple to get rid of this rubbish safely and effectively, protecting the environment. And it also guarantees that the lawn stays tidy and orderly all through the process. The landscaping procedure may be finished quickly and effectively with a skip on the property. This will save time and lower the danger of damage from waste. But speak to your skip hire company first! As they might advise you for a different size if there is not as much rubbish. And then tell you to go for a domestic skip which will save you some more money.

Builder's skip hire and more

Using a builders skip for construction sites, new builds, property development and garden landscaping projects is a great idea. It reduces project disturbance, offers a practical and dependable trash disposal option, and raises site security. Consider renting a builders skip if you’re organising a project in one of these places to make the procedure simpler and more effective.

The correct skip choice can help to make getting rid of the house, garden, construction or commercial waste so much easier. If you need builders skip hire in Swansea, give us a call. We have a wide range of types and sizes of skip bins available at very affordable prices. We can get the right skip to you in a flash, take it away once it’s full and make your waste disappear.

Regardless of your building project, we’ve got you covered. So ring our company today.