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5 Reasons to hire a skip in Swansea with us.

5 Reasons to hire a skip in Swansea with us

The number 5 on a green background as in this post we list 5 reasons to hire a skip in Swansea with our company

Do you live in Swansea? Check. Is your business in Swansea? Check. Are you seeking a reliable company to hire a skip for your wide range of needs ranging from domestic to commercial? Check. While there are several companies offering skip hire services in Swansea, we’ll save you the trouble and just lead you right to the perfect choice for you. You need not search further! Skip Hire for Swansea is the right place for you. We provide the nitty-gritty of waste management. And that’s without you worrying about how to dispose of your waste within a stipulated time frame.

Here are 5 reasons to hire a skip in Swansea with us

If you are in doubt about skip hire operations or whether you are hiring a competent service. Then rest assured that you have found the appropriate establishment to reckon with.

Excellent deal

At Skip Hire for Swansea, you can be sure that you will obtain value for your money. No matter the size of your budget. Whether you are planning to get rid of household waste or construction debris at your office. Our Swansea skip hire team can help you tailor the cost of skip hire to fit your budget. Your location will determine the cost of the service we render to you. The closer you are to Swansea, the less you are going to pay and vice versa. All you need to do is to specify your home or business address when contacting us for skip hire.

Short hiring process

You don’t have to undergo a rigorous or endless list of processes before you can hire a skip with us. All you need to do is provide your details about your skip hire in Swansea project by filling out the form attached to our website. You should be above 18 years of age to be able to use our services. This is because of the legal rights binding waste disposal and management around Swansea and its environs. If you intend to apply to us for our rubbish disposal services, we will ask you to provide your age or date of birth. This is just to avoid any misappropriation in handling a juvenile case.

The skip is made available just a few hours from the time of request and placed at the exact spot you have specified. The Skips will be left at your home or office for a day or more depending on the need for them. Then once full, we come to take them away.

Acquisition of a skip permit

Our Swansea skip hire crew can assist you with obtaining your license to hire a skip in and around the Swansea area.

To hire a skip, you will need to apply for a legal permit to keep a skip on your premises for a certain period. This can be either in your home or at your building site. You may need a skip to clear the waste from the renovation of your home which you are doing personally. And would not have the strength to dispose of the junk due to all the stress involved. All you have to do is visit the skip hire Swansea website and we will provide you with a reliable and professional service. We’ll do this by delivering the most appropriate skip to your doorstep within minutes. In addition to providing an easy way to obtain your permit legally at a minimum cost and without hassles.

Skip Hire for Swansea will not partake in providing any service to a client without a license from us to hire a skip. This is to avoid any problems with the authority in charge of environmental protection and safety in Swansea. That is why we are willing to stick out our necks for you in ensuring that you comply with the rules and regulations of the city.

Budget-friendly service

Moving waste from your home, office or construction site can be a stressful task for you. Why go through all of that when you can hire a skip at a meagre cost from us? You may want to consider the number of trips you will have to cover. And how neatly you can dispose of the waste without any traces of dirt dropping off your vehicle while at it. The cost of fuelling your car and the energy you will expend on going back and forth to the dump.

The right skip size

An important point to note is that you should properly state the type of skip you want to hire. This would be based on the amount of waste you have at your disposal. Household garbage should not be more than a few tons of refuse. This comprises garden waste, kitchen leftovers and other stuff that can be recycled around the house. And should not require more than a few tons of skip size. This will also help you save costs. A mini skip will cost less than hiring a skip for hauling construction debris. The kind of building and renovation waste that will be cleared from a construction site can weigh up to 5 or more tons. This depends on the number of materials used at the site. Hence, a builder’s skip will be needed to convey such debris to a dump site.


There are several other types of skips that you can use to dispose of your waste. You can visit our website to find out other things you need to know about our services, the type of skips available, and the process of hiring one.

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