Skip Hire for Swansea

Skip Hire For Swansea

Skip Hire Swansea

Bricks and rubble in a large skip that was provided by our skip hire Swansea team

When it comes to the disposal of waste, our skip hire Swansea team has become an increasingly popular solution. This is for both households and businesses alike. So in case you are unsure of what skip hire is, it essentially involves the temporary renting of a large, metal, rectangular bin. And it can be used to collect and transport various types of refuse. At our esteemed skip hire company, we take great pride in providing a wide array of skip sizes to accommodate the needs of our customers. These skips can be transported and loaded onto a flatbed lorry using the hooks on each side, which allows for swift and efficient waste removal.


Of course, the length of time for which the skip can be rented is highly variable. And some customers require only a few hours while others may need it for up to two weeks. As a result, the cost of the hire is determined by several factors. These include the size of the skip and the length of time for which it is rented.

It should be noted that our company takes our responsibility to the environment very seriously. That is why we make every effort to recycle or otherwise dispose of the rubbish responsibly and sustainably. By choosing our skip hire service, customers can rest assured that their waste will be handled in a way that is both efficient and eco-friendly.

Many uses

The hiring of a skip is an exceedingly versatile practice that presents multiple benefits. These range from tidying up a residential or commercial space. To serve as a communal rubbish bin or a waste disposal medium on a construction site. So as you can see, the scope of its functionality is vast. It’s often the case that individuals opt for a skip for community-based clean-up endeavours or to expeditiously tackle the aftermath of a street party, carnival, or festival. What renders them so advantageous is the facility with which one can deposit a wide range of items into them, be it wood, plastic, paper, garden clippings, old furniture, appliances or metal waste. And once the receptacle reaches full capacity, the rental company will seamlessly haul it away and ensure proper disposal.

Common skip types

Skips of all types are available to residential and commercial customers. So we can make it easy to find and hire domestic skips, commercial skips and builder’s skips for use every day.

  • Domestic skips are ideal for household rubbish from one or several homes in a community. 
  • Commercial skips are commonly used for cleaning out businesses and builder’s skips are used at construction sites.

We can help any person, company or organisation hire the perfect skip for their needs. This is done by connecting you to a skip company in Swansea that has any type of rubbish skip hire.

Different sizes of skip hire

Our skip hire guide can give you easy access to the right size for your needs. The hires come in three basic sizes which are:

1. Mini Skip Hire
2. Midi Skip Hire
3. Large Skip Hire

For a mini skip hire in Swansea, you can get rid of household rubbish. Whereas a midi skip is commonly used for more extensive home cleaning projects or the household rubbish from several homes or a medium-sized business. And a large skip is often used on construction sites to haul away rubbish of all types or for large pieces of furniture or commercial or industrial waste. If you tell us the type and size job for which you need to hire a skip, we can tell you if a big skip hire will be best suited for your needs or if midi skips are what you need for your home or business project.

Skip hire prices

Skip hire Swansea prices can vary a great deal depending on the size of the skip and the length of time you need to use it. So with this being said the company you decide to use can also impact the skip hire Swansea cost. Whether you want to hire a domestic or commercial skip, the price could be different. Therefore, if your budget demands you get a cheap rental, we can use our guide to help you identify the right company that offers the lowest prices. This works well for many customers because a cheap rate is usually good enough to meet their needs. After all, they are going to use it for tossing out the rubbish.

Finding the right skip hire

For many people finding just the right skip is very important. They may say I want a cheap skip hire Swansea or I need a skip hire near me. And the customers who say they need a skip hire near me, find our skip hire guide very useful. This is because they can peruse the listings and find out the sizes and types of skips companies have available. Also, they can see what each of them costs and for how long they can hire the skips. If that is still not enough then we can also provide them with any other type of information they need to find the best outcome for their needs.

Fast service

A growing number of commercial and residential customers turn to us when they need a job to be done. This is because our fast service takes our average customer a few minutes to gather all the information they need to get an offer with which they are comfortable. We can expedite the process and help local people, businesses and organisations quickly find the skips they need. Our customers often rave about our streamlined skip hire in Swansea search process that can deliver the results they need in a flash. So there’s no need to spend days looking for a deal when we can help you find a good one in mere minutes.

Knowledgable staff

Our staff is made up of a group of knowledgeable, experienced, professionals who can answer any questions you may have about the industry. Also, we can help you understand why one type of skip may be better suited to your needs than another. And finally, we can point out important things you may need to consider as you search for the right skip rental. Our years of experience working in the skip-hiring industry are happy to serve as a resource and allow you to benefit from our experience. This makes finding a skip fast and easy.

Our commitment to superior customer service

We are committed to providing every customer with a superior level of customer service. From the moment you contact us for help finding a mini skip, a big skip or a midi skip, we will work closely with you to ensure you get the right rubbish skip for your needs. We will explain when a large lease makes more sense than using midi skips. Also, we’ll help you find the most affordable prices if that is a concern. This is done by taking the time to explain why the skip hire cost differs from those of builder’s skips, domestic skips and commercial skips. We will work to make sure you are completely satisfied.

Convenient Swansea service

Our goal is to make getting a skip hire convenient for you. We will show you the fastest, easiest and most affordable way to hire a rubbish skip. This is achieved by guiding you through the entire process. Because this way we can ensure you can get the right option delivered to your door when you want it. 


So, do you want skip hire in Swansea and the surrounding area? Just simply contact us and we will expedite the process for you. With just one call or a few clicks of your mouse, you can have the product you want quickly and easily and at a price that fits into your budget.

The right skips, right away!

Whether you need a big skip or a mini one, we can help you get the right one in a flash. As we are one of the best in our field, if you searched for skip hire near me then we will likely be at the top. So call us right away or check us out on Google Maps.​